Highlights of the 31st Israel Vacuum Society Conference - IVS 2013

by Roi Levi

Materials Research Society | Published: 10 October 2013

Sudipta-Seal-220 Plenary speaker Sudipta Seal of the University of Central Florida. Credit: Judy Meiksin. Click image to enlarge.

The Israel Vacuum Society held its 31st annual conference on September 30, 2013, at the Air Force House in Herzliya.  Brief overviews of three of the talks, including the Plenary Lecture by Sudipta Seal of the University of Central Florida, follow.

Surface modified rare earth oxides in regenerative nanomedicine - a brief overview
Sudipta Seal, University of Central Florida

Sudipta Seal described how scientists at the University of Central Florida have shown that cerium oxide nanoparticles, commonly used in catalysis, sensing, and protective coating applications, possess unexpected biological properties. These nanoparticles, which were shown to be biologically benign, exhibited a large variety of functions that protected cells and enhanced cellular repair processes. These functions included enhanced cellular lifetime and radiation resistance; faster cellular recovery after crash conditions, spinal injury, and wound closure; and suppression of cancer and glaucoma growth.

Nanowire-based Sensor Arrays
Fernando Patolsky, Tel Aviv University

The application of nanowire-based sensor arrays has demonstrated key advantages such as rapid, direct, and highly sensitive multiplexed detection for a wide-range of biological and chemical species. Detection capabilities range from single molecules up to living cells. Advanced synthetic methods have demonstrated the ability to grow nanowires in specific locations and shapes, allowing for complex molecular detection abilities. Fernando Patolsky spoke of sensors that exceed the abilities of bomb-sniffing dogs to detect explosives, and the ability to monitor biological processes in-situ.

Self-Integration of Nanowires into Logic Circuits via Guided Growth
Mark Schvartzman, Weizmann Institute of Science

Guided growth from nanopatterned catalysts was shown to organize discrete semiconductor nanowires into large ordered arrays with an unprecedented degree of nanowire positioning and alignment. Mark Schvartzman discussed how catalyst nanopatterning by nanoimprint lithography enabled scalable production of hundreds of single-nanowire electronic devices using parallel nanofabrication methods.  Moreover, organized nanowires were integrated into multi-device nanoelectronic circuits, such as logic gates and address decoders. This approach opens a novel and promising pathway toward the applications of 1D nanostructures in bottom-up functional devices and systems.              

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